Instead of hoping for a better future, let's come together and make it a reality.
Medical Tourism: Identify treatment options regardless of location, and help patients reach destinations which would not be otherwise possible.
Healthcare Reform: Improve the quality of healthcare through patient education and common-sense solutions that are easily accepted and agreed upon.
Inspiring Moments: Share amazing stories and videos of health outcomes and life-changing remissions to inspire, rejuvenate, and motivate ailing patients.
The creation of Every Person Is Connected (EPIC) came about because of an overwhelming need to make healthcare better for everyone.
We live in a world that's made up of all sorts of networks. There are familial networks, professional networks, personal networks, and social networks. EPIC is a life network to improve the health of everyone. By interconnecting the lives of people around the world to identify the best health options available, everyone will benefit.
However, if change is really going to occur, it cannot be just one voice,
it will take millions of voices contributing towards common goals.
#EPICReform is based on the one thing that everyone shares regardless of politics, religion, financial status, race, or gender which is we all are filled with red blood cells.

When we say every person, that means we do not exclude anyone.

Because no matter who you are, when you get sick, the importance of healthcare will become relevant to you. And, you don't want to have this happen to you, if you could be responsible for change.

The mission of EPIC Reform is to introduce thoughts that have
always been there but just weren't in the conscious state of mind.

The reforms put forth are such that it does not require legislation to implement just people wanting something that they didn't know they should have wanted prior to hearing about it. Here are the reforms:

  • Less than 20, more than 5
  • Meditation is medication
  • Pay smarter doctors more
  • Friends don't let friends eat junk
  • Review your healthcare statements

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    Instead of hoping for a better future, let's come together and make it a reality.
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